Meet The Founder & Her Felines Tiberius+Gemmo

Latina Founder Jessica Villanueva Moore


Purrfect Brew was inspired by a cozy October morning in 2018. I woke up, and called in a sick day. I went on folding my mundane pile of laundry, and sipped on my coffee when a random thought hit me. I truly felt the cat community lacked an authentic interconnection. Yes there are cat boxes on the market, but it definitely needs more awareness. Our fellow felines tend to be forgotten, and they deserve better then that! As a fellow barista myself I want people to experience quality coffee, and tea. It's not just a beverage it's a means of social interaction. It truly is a lifestyle that creates memories with your family, and friends. At Purrfect Brew we want to build a community that supports, and loves their felines. This one is for the cat owners who cherish creativity, and quality in all aspects of life.

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